Choosing a dog

There are several questions you have to think about before buying a dog.  

interesting  Choosing a dog
Which will be more suitable for your home -small, middle-sized or big dog? Do you have the time and patience for caring over a long-haired dog, or you would prefer  a short-haired dog, which need brushing twice a week? Do you have enough time for walking a sporting and playable breed.

What kind of pet do you need - family pet, companion, for sport , protection or assistance.

Breeds like  Labrador Retriever and  Golden Retriever , are universal family dogs . They are among the most intelligent and most popular dogs and are perfect  assistants in hunting, running and playful  kids entertainers , strong home guards.
interesting  Choosing a dog

From the bigger-sized dog breeds very few, like the Airedale Terrier, do not need a lot of space to play. The most important – The big dogs are scary for the “uninvitied guests”.Dog-toys are са dedicated companions and are very suitable for people who live in big cities or for older people.

You should also consider the money you are going to spend – medical products, equipment, food and of cource the initial cost – depending on the place you are buying the dog, the breed purity, the age.

interesting  Choosing a dog


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