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Facts for Dogs – part 1

Several facts for dogs you may not know: 1) It it a mith that dogs see in white and black only. They can see all colors, but not as clearly as people. 2) A couple of dogs and their puppies can have a generation of 66 000 dogs in 6 years. 3) The only place [...]

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Facts for Cats – Part 1

Here are some interesting facts for cats that not everyone knows. 1) While chasing their prey, cats hold their head in horisontal position at the same level, while dogs tilt theirs. 2) Every year about one million cats are being eaten in Asia. 3) The average cat sleeps about 16 hours a day. This means [...]

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Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds

There are a lot of researches listing the best guard dog breeds. They are not at the same opinion but here is an overall summarized list based on over 10 studies . 10 American Pitbull Terrier The American Pitbull Terrier is a result of experimental crossing of terriers and bulldogs. Although usually an intelligent and [...]

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Articles for cat breeds


Although the Abyssinian is one of the oldest known breeds, there continues to be speculation and controversy concerning its history. In appearance, Abyssinians resemble the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats which portray an elegant feline with a muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears and almond shaped eyes. Abys today still retain the [...]

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Origin The Savannah is a domestic hybrid cat breed. It is created by crossing the wild Serval cat with a domestic cat. Created in 1986, this is one of the newest cat breeds. The first Savannah breed cat was also named Savannah and the domestic breed was a Siamese cat. This kind of crossing became [...]

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History The Bengal cat breed is a perfect example of man’s need to breed a domestic cat that has the look of a wild jungle cat. In the 1960′s, there was an accidental mating between and Asian Leopard Cat and a black, shorthaired domestic cat at Jean Sugden’s home in California. She made no further [...]

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Articles for dog breeds

German Shorthaired Pointer

Overview The German Shorthaired Pointer is an all purpose gun dog capable of excellent abilities in both field and water. They are well balanced with an elegant head and are lean in body. This breed originated in 19th century Germany by hunters who required a dog that was serviceable for men hunting on foot. Character [...]

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Siberian Husky

Overview The Siberian Husky originated in northeastern Siberia as an endurance sled dog. In 1909 large numbers of this breed arrived in Alaska to participate in sled racing. The Siberian Husky’s endurance, stamina, and strength quickly made them a popular breed in the Arctic region. Character The Siberian Husky is a compact and strong working [...]

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Overview The Cavachon is created by crossing two breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. They are typically referred to as “designer dogs”. They have become popular companions, especially to allergy sufferers. Character Small to medium in sie, the Cavachon possesses large expressive eyes and a sporty appearance. They are alert, sturdy, animated, and [...]

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