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Facts for Dogs – part 1

Several facts for dogs you may not know: 1) It it a mith that dogs see in white and black only. They can see all colors, but not as clearly as people. 2) A couple of dogs and their puppies can have a generation of 66 000 dogs in 6 years. 3) The only place [...]

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Top 9 most dangerous food for cats

If you want to keep your cat healthy then you know that good food is very important. But what makes a healthy cat food? What kind of food is best for your cat? And what do you need to know about storing it? Here’s what you need to know. What is cat food made of? [...]

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Facts for Cats – Part 1

Here are some interesting facts for cats that not everyone knows. 1) While chasing their prey, cats hold their head in horisontal position at the same level, while dogs tilt theirs. 2) Every year about one million cats are being eaten in Asia. 3) The average cat sleeps about 16 hours a day. This means [...]

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Articles for cat breeds


History Early references appear of the Balinese cat breed, but little is known about the history of the Balinese. In 1871 reference is made to a long haired Siamese and there is a CFF (Cat Fanciers Federation) registration record in 1928 for a long haired Siamese. The actual breeding history of the Balinese starts with [...]

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Aegean cat

Origin The Aegean Cat is originally from the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea, where they naturally occur. This is believed to be one of the rarest breeds, because it is among the newest breeds. Aegean Cat has only recently begun to be bred systematically. They are much liked for their character and intelligence. In [...]

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The Persian is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle. Recent genetic research indicates that present day Persians are related not to cats from the Near East but to cats from Western Europe. The researchers stated, “Even though the early Persian cat may have in fact originated from ancient [...]

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Articles for dog breeds

Shetland Sheepdog – Sheltie

Overview Resembling a Miniature Collie, this breed is an absolute delight to own. Intelligent, sweet, gentle, making this dog a great companion animal. Throughout the years, this breed has become very popular and is said to have almost a human like intelligence. Sometimes wary of strangers, the Sheltie also loves to bark persistently. Character A [...]

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Overview The Pekingese is commonly referred to as “The Peke”. They originated in China over 2000 years ago as a favored and revered Imperial pet. For centuries, only members of the Chinese Imperial Palace could own them. They were considered by the Chinese to be a guardian spirit because of their resemblance to Chinese lions. [...]

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English Springer Spaniel

Overview This is an older breed that is considered to be the founding ancestor of modern Spaniels. The English Springer Spaniel is the largest of the Spaniel breeds. They were quite popular during the Renaissance period as they were ideal companions for the European hunter. This breed became popular in America in 1700. Currently, there [...]

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